Our Story

Live Handmade. Up-cycle. Re-purpose. Create. DIY. These are a just few words you will hear a lot from us. We believe we have a fresh, hip brand in the world of creativity. You inspire us and were hoping that we can reciprocate with that inspiration.

Welcome to Hazel & Ruby! Born out of the Pinterest & Etsy movements in the Fall of 2013, Hazel & Ruby is unique and on-trend with nostalgia fueling our vision. We are inspired by a bygone era where much of life was made by hand.

Our wish is to develop fresh, innovative products that offer success in crafts & DIY, inspiring your creativity and bringing new crafters into the market. Hazel & Ruby is a place for new ideas and exciting content to inspire you to love and live handmade.

 Just who are Hazel & Ruby?

We chose the name Hazel & Ruby because our brand is largely based on upcycing and repurposing. We felt strongly that our brand name should reflect that movement. The name Hazel & Ruby may be your grandmothers or great-grandmothers. They could also be your little daughters. What’s old is new again and it’s that connection that drives and inspires us. 

Why was Hazel & Ruby born?

Because we love crafts, crafting, creating, DIY, and everything that represents self expression. We are PASSIONATE about what you are doing, what we are doing, and have had years of experience in this industry to back it up.

We hope you like what you see!