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Crafternoon - Dreamcatcher

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Simply weave together hoop and doily for stunning statement decor. This Crafternoon kit includes 12 pieces | hoop, doily, fabric strips, lace, yarn and trims.


This Crafternoon kit includes 12 pieces | hoop, doily, fabric strips, lace, yarn and trims.

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Make it in an afternoon

Recipe - Dreamcatcher - Time: 1 Afternoon


  • Hoop
  • Doily
  • Fabric Strips
  • Lace
  • Yarn
  • Trims

You Will Also Need:

  • Scissors
Step 1

1. Fabric-Wrap Hoop

Using the blue/white polka dot fabric, tie onto the hoop.  Start wrapping the fabric around the hoop, covering the end. As you go pull the fabric tightly, and wrap in a diagonal direction. When you have covered the hoop, secure end by tying a knot then create a small loop with the remaining fabric and tie another knot.

Step 2

2. Attach Crochet Doily

Lay hoop on a flat table and place doily in center of the hoop.  Cut your teal yarn into 12, 5.5” lengths.  Start by tying one length through the doily and around hoop.  Secure with a single knot until you have secured ties in 4 even spots on the hoop. Once doily is well centered with yarn tension, tie a double-knot in each tie. Continue tying the remaining teal yarn evenly around hoop.  Do not cut excess yarn yet.

Step 3

3. Weave Hoop

Cut the variegated yarn into 12, 13.5” lengths.  Begin by tying each variegated yarn section to the end of a teal yarn.  Weave through doily and around hoop approx. 4-5 times and tie to end of the next teal yarn ends.  Complete this step to weave entire hoop.  Cut extra ends of all ties and move any visible knots to the back of the hoop.

Step 4

4. Tying On Fabric Trims and Yarn Trims

Start with your floral fabric strip and cut into 4 even pieces. From the bootom center measure 3" to the left; and tie the first fabric piece here with a single knot. Repeat 3" to the right of bottom center. Evenly space and tie on the 2 remaining fabric pieces between them. Using the remaining yarn, cut pieces to approximately 18" and tie evenly in double knot spacing evenly between fabric pieces.

Step 5

5. Tying On Other Trims

Cut scallop trim, gingham ribbon and lace into 3 even pieces.  Cut the flower trim and burlap ribbon into 4 even pieces.  To attach the rest of the pieces, we will use a loop technique.  Simply fold each piece in half and pull the piece through the front side of the hoop to the back.  Next, bring both strands through the loop and pull tightly to secure.  Do this for all pieces.  Tip: You can designs the order of your trims in anyway you wish, spacing between other pieces.

Step 6

6. Finish and Enjoy

Finish off your dreamcatcher by trimming your trims if needed.  Hang and enjoy your new wall decor!

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