Good Morning Friends,

I’m so excited for today’s post, who doesn’t love Halloween? This is definitely my absolute favorite holiday all year round! I decorate for Halloween in mid-August, I’m obsessed to say the least. Excite your family and visitors with this spooky sign to let you know when the best day of the year is coming! To get started you’ll need:

a board made of ten 2.25″ x 18″ boards (aka slat sign)
a wood pumpkin overlay (seen at Michael’s)
black paint
ivory paint
pumpkin orange paint
Rust-oleum Chalk Board Paint
wood glue
sponge brushes
small bristled detailing paint brush
Hazel & Ruby Blindside Alpha
Hazel & Ruby Brush Script Alpha
Hazel & Ruby Dear Ruby Alpha
Hazel & Ruby Central Park Alpha
Hazel & Ruby Patessiere Alpha
Hazel & Ruby Chalk Art Alpha
Hazel & Ruby Child’s Play

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After sanding and tacking together the wood pieces my slat sign ended up being 18″ wide x 22″ tall. I applied one coat of orange paint and ivory paint to the bottom where the word “Halloween” would end up, allow to dry about 20 minutes. While I waited I began painting the pumpkin overlay with Chalk Board Paint, I knew this would require a few coats because the type of wood the pumpkin is made of, I ended up painting 5 on! The orange and ivory paint should definitely be dried by now, place your letters on the board how you want them to appear in the end. I used the fonts as follows:

W; Chalk Art Alpha
HEN; Blindside Alpha
Pumpkins: Brush Script Alpha
are: Dear Ruby Alpha
glowing; Central Park Alpha
and; Patessiere Alpha
Witches; Patessiere Alpha
are; Child’s Play
seen; Dear Ruby Alpha
only; Blindside Alpha
days; Patessiere Alpha
til; Chalk Art Alpha
Halloween; Chalk Art Alpha

blog 2

Double check the widths on either side and make certain this is how you want it to look; because once you paint, that’s it. After much measuring (including measuring with the pumpkin on the board) I finally felt good about the word placements and gave my board one coat of black paint. I wanted the orange underneath to show through just a little bit because I knew I was going to sand at the end to add distress. I painted one slat line at a time so I could take the letters off and clean them with a baby wipe as I went. This is also where the bristled paint brush comes in handy to paint in the crevices on the board between the letters. Try to peel the letters off while the paint is still wet, as it will give you a cleaner line in the end.

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After the board is finished being painted lightly sand if desired and spray with a sealer BEFORE you glue on the pumpkin as to not affect the chalk board paint. Because the pumpkin was black from the chalk paint and the board is painted black I added some orange paint around the edge of the pumpkin to help it stand out. Apply wood glue to the back of the pumpkin and place on your board, allow to try at least two hours. Then, get your chalk and hang this beauty on your wall or put it on your porch, either way people will smile knowing candy day is coming their way.

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