I’m so excited fall is upon us! I wanted to show you guys how to make an incredibly easy and cute porch decoration for this time of the year. All you’ll need is

three different lengths of 4″x4″ wood
three 2″ wood blocks
cute fall paint colors
sponge brushes
fall colored berry sprigs
leaf/acorn wood accessories (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
Hazel & Ruby Scallop Away Decorative Tape
Hazel & Ruby Chevron Patterns Stencil Mask (available at Michael’s)
Confetti Pattern Stencil Mask (available at Michael’s)
fall colored ribbon and jute
Minwax stain (I prefer the gel stain, it’s much easier to use)

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Make sure to sand the wood really, really good! You want it to be at smooth as possible when you’re painting it. After sanding it I painted one coat of ivory paint on the four long sides, the top and bottom don’t need a bottom coat so I left those natural. After the paint is dry apply the stencil masks and the Scallop Away Tape wrapping the entire piece of wood in these embellishments.

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Paint away! I used Delta’s Dark Goldenrod on all three of my pumpkins, but you can certainly mix it up by painting with three coordinating oranges or whatnot. I applied two coats to all pieces of my wood and this time I did paint the top and bottoms of the 4″x4″‘s. While you wait for those to completely dry paint the small accessories. Finally, peel the stencil masks and tape away from the wood to allow the white paint to show where it was covered.

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I like the more rustic, shabby decorative pieces so I took a small piece of sandpaper and roughed up the edges and faces of the pumpkins, then I used Minwax Gel Stain in Colonial Walnut and sparingly brushed on small dollops. Accentuate the edges where sanded with the stain to get a very pretty dark color on the natural wood. Finish by spraying a protective coat of sealer on all of the wood pieces. I tied the jute near the top of my pumpkins then added thick ribbon underneath, I twisted the stems of the sprigs and attached the accessories together with rusty wire I found at Michael’s and tied then both to the ribbon before I finished the bow. If you choose to add raffia as a dimension under the bow, add it now. And to ensure the accessories wouldn’t move I used glue to keep the ribbon to the wood and the wires to the ribbon.

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Finish by tying bows in the ribbon and adjusting the accessories. Something fun that can be left out on your porch for fall and Halloween or set them next to your fireplace to add more decor to your mantle. Either way, they’re cute and fun and everyone will be asking about them!

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