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Category: CHA

Visit Hazel & Ruby for DIY Inspiration


By hazelruby January 8, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to share a quick update with you today.  We will be sadly missing at the CHA show this year due to changes in company structure (read press release below).  We have a lot happening at Hazel & Ruby which should prove to be positive for the continued growth of the […]

Stylish Floor Mat created using our new DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby January 8, 2015

Hey everyone, Katie here today! In case you missed it, Hazel and Ruby just announced their new DIY Decor Tape.  4-24″ washi style tape?? Yes, please! Trust me when I say these tapes are super awesome! I used a couple to create this stylish floor mat. Supplies: Vinyl floor cloth (used for painting), Hazel and […]

Ready to fall in LOVE?. Introducing >>> DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby January 6, 2015

Good morning! I am so excited today to share with you our latest addition here at Hazel & Ruby.  Are you ready to fall madly in love?  I can’t get enough of our latest product line and I want to share it with you now! We introduce to you….. DIY DECOR TAPE! FEB. UPDATE! You […]

It's Not Thursday, But We're Throwin' it Back Baby!

By hazelruby March 26, 2014

Not too far back…only to January 2014 to our debut of Hazel & Ruby at CHA in Anaheim. It’s been such a whirlwind of activity since the show, both Lindsay and I have barely had time to breathe!  No joke either! We are slammed…but having lots of fun AND our friends and family are still […]

Confession: I am an addict. Addicted to Masks!

By hazelruby January 8, 2014

Yep, that is a true story! This is the most fun product to use. Like EVER!  I have been not-so-patiently waiting for these to get here so I can play.  They have finally arrived just in the nick of time for our launch at CHA this Saturday.  Stencil-Masks by Hazel & Ruby have hearts skipping […]

Sequins and Pic Pockets…Oh My!

By hazelruby January 7, 2014

Good Morning! We are excited to share our a couple more of our new product lines with you today!  Next to diamonds, sequins really are a girls best friend.  These popular little gems add so much to so many lovely projects.  I have my own stash of sequins in a variety of colors, but I […]