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Month: April 2015

Personalized Gift Packaging

By hazelruby April 29, 2015

One of my favorite things to do is send happy mail. And if the receiver gets half as much joy out of receiving it as I did making it, then it’s a win. I’ve had these black polka dot sacks for the longest time and I’ve never really had an idea for them other than […]

Don't Throw That Away >>> Up-Cycled Box Top

By hazelruby April 28, 2015

I found this random box top laying on top of the recycle bin at the office. It’s about 7″x9″ and because it has that inner part I was thinking I could use it for something. I secured the edges with some Scotch tape. And decided to cover it in Hazel & Ruby’s Golden Dot DIY […]

DIY Paper Flower Shadow Box

By hazelruby April 27, 2015

Hello Hazy & Ruby readers! It is Lindsay from My Creative Days back to share a fun project with you. This particular project was inspired by some pictures I saw at Target. I really liked the different scripted paper they used on the flowers and the fact that they were in a shadow box, but […]

Art Journaling Inspiration with DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby April 24, 2015

Hey lovelies, Katie here! Today I wanted to show you guys a page I recently made in my art journal. This was inspired by Tina’s technique for coloring in the Color Me Floral DIY Decor Tape. This is one of my favorite DIY Decor Tapes! I thought Tina’s art journal was fantastic. I used the Color […]

Studio Organization with Katie Smith

By hazelruby April 23, 2015

Hey everyone, Katie here! Since it is Organization Week at Hazel and Ruby I wanted to share with you guys a peek at my studio + how I organize my Hazel and Ruby supplies! I love restyling boxes, trunks, carts, etc. So, that means a lot of the containers I use to hold my Hazel and Ruby […]

Easily Organize Your Pantry with DIY Decor Tape Monthly Calendar

By hazelruby April 22, 2015

I had a goal this year to be more organized and my pantry was definitely on that list. I love the look of clear containers so I can see all the ingredients inside. But I have a hard time knowing when something will spoil without having the original packaging. Hazel & Ruby solved that problem! If I […]

Let's Get Organized with Personalized Zippered Bags

By hazelruby April 21, 2015

Michelle Hill here today to show you that we are getting organized this week using our fabulous DIY Decor Tape. I could do a month long post on all the ways to get organized. I personally am a VERY organized person. Everything in my home has a “home”. It makes cleaning up and my daily […]

Plain Dollar Store Bins turned into Functional Storage with DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby April 20, 2015

Getting Organized (in stye) with Hazel & Ruby DIY Decor Tape I needed a way to organize all the little odds and ends that accumulate in my laundry room cabinets: art supplies, nails & screws, lightbulbs, batteries, etc. With a few supplies I had on hand and DIY Decor Tape I turned plain dollar store […]

Turn Paper into Faux Oil Cloth >>> The Ultimate in Gift Giving

By hazelruby April 17, 2015

Hello Friends, Michelle Hill here today to show you a fun way to give a gift this spring. I LOVE creative packaging, it is my MOST favorite thing. If something is packaged right I usually will buy it with out really needing it. I am always looking for ways to give gifts in a unique […]

7 Ways to use a Pallet in Home Decor >>> Hazel & Ruby Style

By hazelruby April 16, 2015

Hello Hazel & Ruby friends!  Welcome to Thursday and glorious sunny Spring days! Pallet projects are Smokin’ Hot in the DIY world and Pinterest has hundred’s of pallet ideas just ready to be pinned and created! Up-Cycled pallets can be turned into functional, fun, and inspiring projects and the creative possibilities are endless. We challenged […]

Garden Tin Makeover with DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby April 15, 2015

A quick and simple tin to keep all those bits of garden bits and pieces. It’s also a great idea for children to collect garden bits and pieces (plus a pebble, half-eaten cookie and perhaps a randon snail). I used a medium sized metal tin and covered it with the Wooden Grain 12 inch DIY […]

DIY Baptism Journal >>> Dress up your journals with DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby April 14, 2015

A great friend of ours baptized his daughter this last weekend and so I was trying to think of a great, memorable gift to give her. I headed over to Target to see what I could find and revamp with some DIY Decor Tape and these $6 Yoobi journals. I grabbed the Golden Dots DIY […]

Simple Paper Flowers with Hazel & Ruby Pass the Tissue Paper

By hazelruby April 13, 2015

Simple Paper Flowers with Hazel & Ruby Pass the Tissue Paper I have two moss covered wreaths hanging in my laundry room that a friend made me. They seemed like they needed a spring update so I added some simple paper flowers and a bow. This project is so simple and took about 5 minutes […]

Simple Dry Erase Message Board

By hazelruby April 11, 2015

Hi beauties! Today I want to show you how to make a simple dry erase message board for your home. I used to be a “stay at home dog mom”, therefore I could feed our dog the correct portions at the right time of day that she needed to eat. Since I’ve gone back to […]

Prettied-Up Containers with DIY Decor Tape

By hazelruby April 10, 2015

Hi…Happy Friday! Tina here today with a super quick project – Prettied-Up Containers! I am sure you are like me and have tons of empty, plain containers just laying around.  I buy them with the intention of getting organized and filling them full of pretties!  But somehow, I never get around to organizing. So instead […]