Introducing Tina Walker & Her Gorgeous Mixed Media Canvas

Happy Tuesday!!! Today, I am excited to introduce the extremely talented Tina Walker to all of you!  She is one of the first to be a part of our Makery, creative team (more being announced over the coming weeks) and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We want you to know a little about her and then sit back in awe of this gorgeous mixed media canvas.

Tina Walker

Hello and Hi!  I am Tina Walker and I am so excited to be here today and to share my love for creating with y’all!  Thank you Jayme and Lindsay for inviting me to be part of the Hazel & Ruby family.

I dabbled in scrapbooking approximately 15 years ago and would create in bursts of artistic energy, but it wasn’t until 4 years ago when I really started to be ‘obsessed’ with Scrapbooking.  I have been blessed to have been published in Somerset Memories, Artful Blogging, Scrapbook Trends, and Creating Keepsakes.

I am a working mom, working outside the home.  My children are grown, so much of my inspiration comes from my two French bulldogs, Moose & Flikka.  They have quite the reputation in the scrapbook world.  I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, but am a Mid West girl by heart.   (Go Buckeyes!)

You can see more of my scrapbook, Home Décor, and mixed media projects on my blog, A Dog’s Life.

‘ you & me & us & we & love’ canvas

You & Me & We & Us

Hello!  I’m thrilled to share with you my bright and bold Home Décor Canvas!

This project is super FUN, and requires limited supplies and FIVE easy steps:  A canvas of any size (mine is an 8×10), several shades of acrylic paint (I used Distress Paints so I can get a blended look), and your favorite Hazel & Ruby stencil (or two).

Step One:

Draw straight lines on your canvas using a small T square.  I have a 12 in square and it is the perfect size for all of my craft projects.  It is a great tool for creating straight lines and designs, AND it was only a couple of bucks!

These lines will be used as a guide for letter placement.  You can either erase them when you have your stencil in place, or leave them as the paint will generally cover up the pencil marks.

Stencil-Mask Placement

Step Two:

Apply your stencil.  The great thing about Hazel & Ruby stencil/masks is that they are re-usable and re-movable.  You can move your words and letters around on your canvas until you are happy with the overall placement.

Distress Paints

Step Three:

Apply paint to canvas.  Another reason I love Distress Paints is that they have a built in dauber.  No cleanup needed.  Apply right over the stencil.  A quick spritz with water blends the Distress Paints to create a beautiful color palette.

Apply paint to canvas

Remove stencil and dry completely.

Step Four:

Outline each word/letter with a Stabilo pencil and create a watercolor effect by painting over the pencil mark with a wet paintbrush.  Draw the pencil mark inside the letter and color in the space.  You’ll get a great, subtle watercolor look.

Pen Outline

Step Five:

Add more outlines with black and white doodle pens.  Hang!

Pen OutlineWatercolor Blend


Hazel & Ruby: Stencil-Mask, Everyday Words

Hazel & Ruby: Stencil-Mask, Blindside Alpha

Other: Canvas: Michaels, Paint:  Distress Paints Tim Holtz, Enamel Dots: My Mind’s Eye, Pencil: Stabilo, Pen: Scarlet Lime, Uniball

Do you like to create Home Décor projects?  How would you incorporate your favorite quote into a project?  Please share with us here or on our Facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by!

Raise Your Hand if you Love DIY and Up-cycled Projects!

Last week our fabulous friends with Reclaimologists and Other Craft Chicks were featured on our local Utah, TV news magazine, Fresh Living.  We adore these chicks and their excitement about re-purposing, making old things new again…and just reclaiming treasures that may otherwise end up in trash!  This is a huge focus of the Hazel & Ruby brand as we strive to develop products that make it easy for you to live handmade…take items you find or already have and give them new life and new purpose in your world!

This is Shannon and Mandy, who are two of the creative forces behind the Reclaimologists. They have created some beautiful DIY projects that we want to share with you.


We are particularly in love with this canvas they created using our Stencil-Mask products.  I’m so excited to re-create this and hang prominently in my craft room!


Amazing and so fun right!? This was an easy piece to create. Want to see how?


1. Select your canvas – this one is a 16×20 artist canvas which you can find at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Many other craft or art supply stores carry these as well.  They come in a large variety of sizes!

2. Choose your paint colors. You can use any type of paint really. I generally go for acrylic craft paint.  Paint stripes across the canvas in a variety of colors from top to bottom.  You could decide on the width of your stripes based on the height of the letters you are using, or just be free and paint without measurement rules!


3. Next you want to choose your stencil-mask alphas.  The Reclaimologists used multiple font styles to get this very cool mixed-type looks, which I absolutely LOVE!  It gives it such character and totally drives home the fun statement, don’t you think?

4. After you have placed your letters, make sure they are all firmly pressed to the canvas and start painting! They used black paint for this piece, which really makes the colors pop.  Once you have covered the canvas in black paint, use a small pin or tweezers to help you pull up the letters, place back on the clear sheets they came on and you can wipe clean with a baby wipe. You can also put the stencil-masks in some warm water and soap to get clean clean. The re-positionable adhesive does re-activate. Cool!

5. Embellish if you so desire :)

Here are a couple other fun projects they created using the Stencil-Masks.  These banners were created using burlap. You could use acrylic, spray paint or even chalk paint with your design.  Sweet Shannon created this Sophie banner specifically for me to show on Create & Craft TV in the UK this week! Hazel & Ruby has two airings, Thursday night and Friday afternoon.  I will be sharing our fun products and lots of project demos, so tune in online or live on TV if you are in the UK!

photo 4-1 Sophie_BurlapBanner BloomTags_TealChair

Thank you again and again to Shannon and Mandy for creating such amazing ideas for us to share.  We adore everything that you are doing!

You can watch the segment with the Reclaimologists here on Fresh Living.




It’s Not Thursday, But We’re Throwin’ it Back Baby!

Not too far back…only to January 2014 to our debut of Hazel & Ruby at CHA in Anaheim. It’s been such a whirlwind of activity since the show, both Lindsay and I have barely had time to breathe!  No joke either! We are slammed…but having lots of fun AND our friends and family are still talking to us….so it’s all good :)

Today…I thought that I would FINALLY get pics of our darling booth posted here on our blog. My slow timing works out perfect because we have so many new friends and followers who weren’t with us during show time….so this is all new!  PLUS….we are so excited that we are NOW SHIPPING all of our new products! Be sure to ask your local retailer if they are carrying us…if they aren’t, can you do us a huge favor? Tell them they are missing out! :)  If you can’t find a local retailer in your area…we invite you to head over to our shoppe.

Next stop for Hazel & Ruby is at The National Stationary Show this May in New York City. We can’t wait! It’s going to be amazing :)

Please enjoy these pics and we would love it if you would share us with your friends!


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