Hello Card using Pretty Wrap It Up Papers

Hello and Happy Monday!  For those here in the U.S. – Happy Labor Day!

We have a short post and share today.  A simple ‘Hello’ card, using our beautiful Wrap It Up papers.  The wonderful thing about Hazel & Ruby Wrap It Up papers, is that they are perfect for so many creative projects.  The possibilities are endless.  Keeping a roll (or two) around makes perfect sense for when you need to create a last minute DIY project or make a handmade card.


The base of my card is Gold Foil cardstock, cut to shape.  I adhered a piece of Wrap It Up-Newsprint Floral paper to the Gold Foil cardstock, and finished it off by adding a chipboard frame and sentiment.  SUPER quick, SUPER easy, and SUPER fun!It doesn’t take much to make a beautiful handmade cards in just minutes!  Better than any store bought!

IMG_8817 IMG_8816

Thank you for stopping by today!

Be inspired.

Live Handmade.



Use Washi Tape to create beautiful Kitchen Decor

Hazel and Ruby washi tape updates Ikea pitchers at frenchiewraps.com

I love me some good washi tape, it’s well designed, it actually is sticky – it works! I hate it when I find the perfect kind and it just is awful. When I first got my hands on this Hazel & Ruby Washi Tape I was so pleased. It has the best structure and it sticks! It actual can hold up heavy paper to the wall and doesn’t even peel back, not even a little. I think they made this special for me!

Hazel and Ruby washi tape updates Ikea pitchers at frenchiewraps.com

Above my fridge is very drab. I have 3 sizes of Sockerart Ikea pitchers up there and nothing has been in them. I like the provincial look, very simple but I’ve got to add to it to make it my own. I used the Wide Washi Tape in Quote Me for the larger pitcher and the Scallop Away washi tape in Swanky Solids and Polka Dot Party for the small and medium pitchers. The best part is that when I don’t want it anymore, it’s so easy to take off and no residue.

Hazel and Ruby washi tape updates Ikea pitchers at frenchiewraps.com

I started with the largest one and put the wide tape on an angle and was able to wrap it completely around the base going up then back down.

Hazel and Ruby washi tape updates Ikea pitchers at frenchiewraps.com

On the medium, I simple wrapped a small piece from the Polka Dot Party line around the handle. Just a small detail. On the smallest one I started from the bottom to the top with the Swanky Solids and in a straight line went straight to the top. That’s all, I love the pop it gives and it’s simplistic and I can change it out with the seasons.

Hazel and Ruby washi tape updates Ikea pitchers at frenchiewraps.com


Be Inspired. Live Handmade.


Hazel and Ruby Contributor - http://frenchiewraps.com



Inspirational DIY Canvas <<< Using Stencil-Masks and Paint

Happy Thursday!
I can’t believe that August is on it’s way out and September will be here any day!  I love September. I love the cooler nights and Fall in the air. Also, my birthday is in September. I am going to be 49 in just a few weeks!
Another reason I love this time of year is I get the bug…the bug to redecorate! Not just seasonal! Yes I am working on Spooky Spark!
But I’m talking about in my home. The change of seasons get’s me de-junking and re-decorating!
I have a long hallway in my home that needs an update that inspired this project i created with my Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks!
Here’s what i started with:
1. All black and white Scrapbooking papers.
2. A Large Canvas
3. Black Paint
5. Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks, i used Central Park Alpha
(a fave)
6. Tim Holtz Distress Paint (i used Picket Fence)
7. Chalk Pen, I used a Zig Writer Chalk Collection pen.
8. Foam Brush
9. Measuring tape or ruler.
Step 1:
The first thing i did was cut my Scrapbooking Paper into Squares.
(I used my Fiskars pinking sheers)
The squares were 2×2 not perfect just randomly cut.
IMG_5770Step 2:
I chose a quote and designed how I wanted to lay it out onto my canvas. Then measured and marked according to how many lines i needed.
ie: i needed 7 lines so i measured every 3 inches.
Step 2:
Adhere Scrapbooking paper squares to your canvas in rows, using mod podge.
(let this dry completely, this is the TRICK for success)
Step 3:
Lay out your quote using your Hazel & Ruby Stencil Masks.
The beauty of the Stencil Masks are they are re-positional so you can get it exactly how you want it to, space them and re-configure etc.
(I let go of having them be PERFECT and just go with it)
Step 4:
Once your Stencil Masks are where you want, making sure they are flat and adhered to your project paint!
The key here is coverage! I did 2 coats.
then carefully pull off your Stencil Masks! (the fun part)
Step 5:
Once all my Stencil Masks were off I took a Chalk pen and outlined all of my letters to give it that Chalked look.
I love the results!
I love having quotes in my home. I love the look of the mix between Subway are and Chalk art!
Step 6:
I edged it with the Distress Paint to finish it off!
Here is my finished piece!
Get-attachmentin love.
Can’t wait to hang it!
Wait in-between each layer! Let it DRY!
Smaller prints look best.
I hope you’re inspired to create one of your own!
Here’s to Fall, dejunkin, re-decorating & turning 49!
kiss kiss
Margie Romney-Aslett
Freelance Designer
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