Remembering Others with Hazel & Ruby >>> Using our Cut Your Own Stencil-Masks

Breast Cancer Awareness

This is a pretty emotional topic like it is with many people. As we are all aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We as Women need to be more aware how critical it is to check ourselves, but Men also get this disease and that is not brought to light often. As we watch Football games, we see the pink socks. We see pink everywhere in October. I almost wish that we could be reminded everyday to be this aware about everything, everyday!

My aunt was diagnosed over 5 years ago with Breast Cancer, she was lucky. My husband’s aunt was diagnosed 2 years ago, 2 weeks later, she passed. I went to visit family in the South Pacific and my sister had a lump. I explained to her how to do a self exam. She had never been taught in her life what it was or what Breast Cancer was. Thankfully, she was ok as well but the Doctor was sorta, take this pills and you’ll be fine. It’s amazing how far medicine has come!


For my project, I used the Stencil Masks, Cut your own Stencils and a ribbon shape that I found on Cricut Design Space. There are a lot of .jpeg files available too that you can convert to .svg files for free online as well that upload to Cricut great. If you read my blog, you’ll see I’m a Cricut junkie. I have a Silhouette as well but for me I just cannot get the cuts to cut as crisp as I can with the Silhouette but it will work just as well, you just may have to do a double cut. I used the Poster Board setting on my Smart Set Dial.


I then Mod Podge the Pass The Tissue, Bubble Gum/White Polka Dot paper roll onto a 5″X7″ block of wood or you can use a canvas, whatever you have on hand. When it was dry, I laid the negative stencil on top of the wood and used a spatula to place some modeling paste over the stencil. I removed it while it was still wet, I had to use a safety-pin to remove the tiny middle of the ribbon.



I let it dry over night and then I sprayed with some Heidi Swapp Color Shine in Blush and Gold. It feels like it’s a great homage to my family and friends who have battled this disease no matter what the outcome was. They are always fighters to me, I know I am not strong enough to be given that and so I know that it is only given to the strongest women and to those we admire the most and that’s what is so incredibly hard about cancer. It’s never fair.


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Grateful Home Decor Wood Sign>>> Easy to create

Hello it’s Michelle here today and I am going to show you a creative and fun way to use our Papers and stencils to make a beautiful wood sign. Let’s get started!

IMG_1960 (Large)

Supplies: Our Chalk Art Alphas.. a wood plaque or board…Our Paper…some felt circles in various sizes…mod podge..a light color ink..some paint…

IMG_1961 (Large)

Paint your surface.. let it dry

IMG_1964 (Large)

Apply Mod podge in a even layer over the top or where you know you will be placing your paper.

IMG_1966 (Large)

Adhere paper to the mod podge smoothing out any wrinkles..

IMG_1967 (Large)

I just folded the paper over the edges and wet it a little bit to tear it off then sanded the edges. If you want you can also use a exacto knife to trim it up.

IMG_1969 (Large)

Now apply the the light color ink all over the paper. I did this because I wanted a more “fall” look vs the stark white paper when I get to the step for my letters. I love doing this to paper to change it from spring to fall..

IMG_1970 (Large)

See so pretty and really changes the look of the paper now re-apply mod podge to seal it.

IMG_1975 (Large)

Apply your WORD once your piece is TOTALLY dry.. I chose grateful because it is a word we use alot in our house.

IMG_1976 (Large)

I used a cream color paint to go over the mask.

IMG_1978 (Large)

Carefully peel up the alpha’s..I always love this part so pretty and fun..

IMG_1983 (Large)

Now cut the felt circles into spirals to create the rolled flowers and adhere them to the end of the word. A few years ago I did a tutorial on my blog here it is if you need help making these..

IMG_1988 (Large)

You now have a beautiful piece for your mantel or anywhere for your fall decorating! I cant wait to see what all of YOU make!


Going Pink >>> Upcycled Storage Trunks

Hey guys, Katie here! Halloween is just a couple of days away so I’ve been seeing a ton of pumpkins, witches and other Halloween inspired projects. October isn’t just about Halloween though,it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month. With that in mind, today’s project is very pink instead of orange! :)
While I didn’t make something about breast cancer I did use a lot of pink on these 2 restyled trunks I made. I already had the trunks, I got them at a scrapbook convention from Queen and Co. I decided they needed a new look though, so that’s where H&R products came in!


First I adhered some Hazel and Ruby Pass the Tissue Bubblegum on to the tops of one of my little trunks and cut out a heart and adhered it onto the smaller one. Then I painted gesso along the edges of the big trunk and around the heart on the smaller one.


Next I decided to add some shine. I grabbed my Shimmerz Inklingz in Good as Gold, Sheer Bliss and French Twist and painted over the gesso’d areas.

I love how adding just a bit of these Inklingz makes the painted area SO shiny!! I haven’t tried any color but gold yet, but I can just imagine how gorgeous pink Inklingz would be. ;)

I added some of Hazel and Ruby’s washi tape. I love their scallop tape. I mean, who doesn’t love scalloped washi tape? I also used some of the Quote Me fat washi tape.

To finish off my restyled trunks, I grabbed one of my fine point black markers and went to town doodling! I love doodling so this was really fun.

I also cut out some letters from glitter paper, adhered those down and added some of Hazel and Ruby’s pink sequins!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re inspired to get out your pink products!