Art Journaling Inspiration with DIY Decor Tape

Hey lovelies, Katie here! Today I wanted to show you guys a page I recently made in my art journal.
This was inspired by Tina’s technique for coloring in the Color Me Floral DIY Decor Tape. This is one of my favorite DIY Decor Tapes!
I thought Tina’s art journal was fantastic. I used the Color ME Floral tape as a background on this page and colored it in with Shimmerz Inklingz.


I cut a piece of the DIY Decor Tape down to the right size for my art journal and just stuck it directly to the page like you would any washi tape.


The DIY Decor Tape is slick, so the Inklingz (or watercolors) won’t stick to it without a little altering. Tina had used clear gesso in her technique. I didn’t have any so I just lightly sanded the tape and the Shimmerz stuck just fine.

The colors of the inklingz are so so pretty and dreamy!

I added a few drops of Shimmerz Coloringz as well as some of Hazel and Ruby’s Green with Envy sequins. The colors matched my page perfectly!

I accidentally got a drop of blue mist on my bottom lip- OOPS! But I figure it’s just in my art journal where I’m messy all the time anyhow. :)

Thanks for reading!

Studio Organization with Katie Smith

Hey everyone, Katie here! Since it is Organization Week at Hazel and Ruby I wanted to share with you guys a peek at my studio + how I organize my Hazel and Ruby supplies!
I love restyling boxes, trunks, carts, etc. So, that means a lot of the containers I use to hold my Hazel and Ruby supplies have actually been restyled USING Hazel and Ruby supplies. Fantastic, right?
Here are some photos of my space:
I have a Gift Wrap Cart by Recollections. Because it is meant to hold things like wrapping paper, it is perfect for holding my Hazel and Ruby Pass the Tissue and Wrap it Up paper rolls!

I’ve got my Stencil Masks laying flat in this old suitcase I restyled (you can read more about that project here).

It’s sitting on the bottom shelf of my bookcase and I have my DIY Decor Tape stacked up next to it.

So there you go! that is how I store my H&R supplies. Here are a few more containers and things I restyled with Hazel and Ruby products that are hanging around my studio:

I restyled this awesome toolbox to hold things like spray mists.

I gave this magazine rack a revamp.

and lastly, I upcycled these mini trunks! One holds extra glue sticks and the other holds rhinestones and bling.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ve been enjoying Organization Week!


Easily Organize Your Pantry with DIY Decor Tape Monthly Calendar

I had a goal this year to be more organized and my pantry was definitely on that list. I love the look of clear containers so I can see all the ingredients inside. But I have a hard time knowing when something will spoil without having the original packaging. Hazel & Ruby solved that problem!

organized_pantry_title If I would have known how easy it was to safely organize my cereal, baking supplies, etc., I would have done it sooner! All it took was Hazel & Ruby 12-Inch DIY Decor Tape – Monthly Calendar.


Clip out as many circles as you need for your containers, then cut them into even squares.




Adhere the DIY Decor Tape to your pantry containers.


Since they’re chalkboard, grab your Chalk Art Tool Kit and write the purchase date each time you refill the container.



No more opening containers only to discover cereal is stale or flour is rancid. And when you need to wash them, just peel off the DIY Decor Tape and stick it back on once they’re clean. Easy peasy!