Get ready to Crafternoon! A peek at the Mini Keepsake Book

It’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean the Crafternoon peeks are stopping!  Today, Glenda Viljoen is showing off our Mini Keepsake Book kit!  Next week is the official launch of the collection, so check back for more projects, giveaways and lots of inspiration! You will want to begin stalk your local JoAnn Fabric & Crafts as they will be setting the program early next week!
Crafternoon is about learning and making a really great DIY craft project in an afternoon! Just add photos and a few heartfelt sentiments to create this Mini Keepsake Book.

This mini book is great for a gift idea or as a simple project to keep those memorable moments. I created this Mini Keepsake Album for my niece, Tamzyn as a memento of her recent 21st birthday party. I left space for her to journal and document the memorable occasion.

The Mini Keepsake Book kit includes the Crafternoon recipe (instructions), album pages, covers, photo protectors, die-cuts, ring and a charm. I added a few extras: ledger washi tape, ribbon, sequins, rhinestone, button, gem clip and die-cut words left over from another project.

Once you have gathered the photos, using the chipboard covers, cardstock pages and die-cuts, lay out the pages in the order you would like them to appear. Add photos, die-cuts and other embellishments. Remember to add notes and memories to the photos and pages. Once you have completed the pages, simply add them to the gold ring binder and finish off as desired.
 On the front chipboard cover, add three different ribbons to the gold ring included in the kit. Add a thin strip of pink ribbon around the front cover as well as a button, sequin and rhinestone.
Here are close-up images of the pages in the Mini Keepsake Book:

Add washi tape, ribbon and small gold rhinestones to the left page.

 Just add die-cut stars, scallop piece and rhinestones.
 Cut pieces of paper the same size as the photos and adhere onto the back of the photos. Insert photo blocks into the photo protector page pockets.
 Add die-cut pieces, thin ribbon bow, button and a rhinestone to right-hand page.
 Insert 4 x 4” photos back-to back into photo protector page pocket.
 Add trimmed scallop strip die-cuts to right-hand page. Adhere typed words onto page. This page I left blank so that my niece could add her own memories of the birthday party.
 Adhered photos to left-hand page. The punched photo is adhered to a slightly larger punched paper circle and adhered onto the page. Die-cut flowers and gold sequins were added to finish.
 Add die-cut elements to left-hand page and photos to a photo protector pocket page.
 Add a gem clip to top edge of right-hand page. Add a trimmed scallop die-cut strip, camera and heart die-cut to the right-hand page. I used a gold foil die-cut word left over from a previous project to add to the page. Additional journaling or photo can be added.
 Add punched circle photos and die-cut elements to left-hand side. I added another left-over die-cut word ‘love’ and a bird die-cut included in the kit to the back chipboard layer. A photo or journaling can also be added to this page.
Enjoy creating a simple Mini Book in a crafternoon! We would love to see your Crafternoon projects you create on the Hazel & Ruby Facebook page.
Create this darling little mini book in an afternoon! Just add photos and a bit of journaling and you have something to cherish for years to come.  I just love all of the projects in the Crafternoon collection by Hazel & Ruby.


Get ready to Crafternoon! A peek at the Tassel Necklace kit

Hello, Hazel & Ruby Fans!
I’m up today with one of our fabulous new Crafternoon projects: a tassel necklace!
Tassels are so trendy right now, and to be able to make your own piece of jewelry in an afternoon – or well less – is so awesome.
Let me break it down for you.

Check out this fun packaging. These little kits would make great gifts.
HR Tassel Necklace 11

And on the inside we’ve got all the pieces, plus a recipe card with step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to make it.

HR Tassel Necklace 10

Super simple to start and follow the instructions with some basic measuring and cutting of your thread.

HR Tassel Necklace 9

Take your thread off the template board, and then wind it back on loosely to take off again and form your tassel base.

HR Tassel Necklace 8

They come right off and you tie them in the center.
And then you take it off the template board and wind it back on loosely so that you can take it off easily to make your tassel.

HR Tassel Necklace 7

Fold your pretty little bundles over and tie again. If you can tie a knot, you can make this necklace.

HR Tassel Necklace 6

Cut your loopy loops and fan that tassel out. Trim as much or as little as you like – some like it clean and perfect, others like it a little tousled.

HR Tassel Necklace 5

Thread your needle and get the chain through the tassels.

HR Tassel Necklace 4

And you should be done in less than a half an hour.

HR Tassel Necklace 1

This is right about the time my daughter came and swiped it from me. These are her favorite colors.

HR Tassel Necklace 3

But I tracked her down and got her to hold still for a quick snappy-snap.

HR Tassel Necklace 2

I'm in love with this easy to make Tassel Necklace from Hazel & Ruby's Crafternoon collection!  I made this in about 25 minutes - so fun and so easy.



Get ready to Crafternoon! A peek at Celebrate Tassel Banner

We started showing peeks of our highly-anticipated Crafternoon collection yesteday! The full reveal will be next week, but we just can’t keep it our little secret anymore.  It has been over a year in the making and once you see all that has gone into the creation of these little DIY kits, you will see why! The best part about these kits is that you can make it in an afternoon. This week we will be taking a peek at some of the kits as experienced by our contributing blog team members.

You will be able to find Crafternoon at your local JoAnn Fabric & Crafts and online at the first week of August.   Crafternoon will also start popping up at countless other indie shops in the US and Europe over the coming months.  Hooray!

Let’s take a look at the Celebrate Tassel Banner, Crafternoon DIY kit!

(Note: A full video tutorial on this project will be available very soon!)

Hello everyone Michelle Hill here today to show you how exciting and fun our BRAND NEW CRAFTERNOON products are! I was so excited when I saw these were coming out. So many different “Crafternoons”. I was lucky to get the Celebrate Banner which you know how much I LOVE banners!

Let’s get started, I finished this in 20 Minutes.

IMG_4270 (Large)

Everything you need comes in the package all the way down to the pop dots and twine!

IMG_4272 (Large)

How cute is the directions card. Making 1000’s of kits myself I can appreciate how everything in the Crafternoon kits are packaged. Pretty amazing.

IMG_4277 (Large)
I like how the Crafternoon banner gave me the option to use the backside {white} vs the wood grain. I just attached my letters to the smaller layer of the banner.

IMG_4279 (Large)

Then attached the small layer to the larger striped layer.. so simple! Did I mention how awesome the card is with directions.

IMG_4282 (Large)

Moving on down the card, I was onto the tassel portion. I’ve made these before but there way was much more simple and it was already pre cut. WIN WIN

IMG_4286 (Large)

Just making tassels..

IMG_4287 (Large)

LOVE the gold ones..

IMG_4288 (Large)

The kit even comes with the twist ties for the tassels. Brilliant!

IMG_4298 (Large)

Then I just used the twine that also came in the Crafternoon kit and it was ALL DONE! AMAZING.. I added some poms flat to the wall and instant photo backdrop!  { there is supposed to be two more tassels on the end, I noticed I forgot them after I took the photo..Opps they are now added!}

IMG_4291 (Large)

I LOVE these Crafternoon Kits. I can’t wait to play with more of them. Make sure for your next craft get together you make it a CRAFTERNOON!

Love how easy this Celebrate Tassel banner is from Hazel & Ruby! You can make it in an afternoon with their Crafternoon collection!  Visit the blog for full detail.