Easter Egg Hunt Countdown Project

Happy Monday friends! With only six days left until Easter I wanted to share one last Easter idea with you for this todays post! As a kid my parents would take us to a community Easter egg hunt every single year from the time that I can remember. I remember getting so excited for it and always counting down the days and asking my parents when the Saturday before Easter would be here. My parents would always to take us to a local hunt where they would sometimes hide money in the eggs! Although I don’t have kids yet I though this would be a fun project for my nieces and nephews to see. This was one of the funnest projects I have ever made and I am so excited to share it with you!

You will need:
two slat signs (this is how I connected mine)
Hazel & Ruby Broadside Alpha Stencil Mask Letters
bunny overlay
wood glue
5″x5″ wood overlay (available at The Home Depot, 5″x5″ 1/4″ MDF)
foam brushes
a couple small bristled paint brushes
light ivory paint
gp purple paint
orange pop paint
lime sorbet paint
pop pink paint
paradise paint
spice brown paint
rust-oleum chalk board paint
minwax wood-sheen colonial walnut stain
an old rag
AND patience!

blog 1

Lets get started! First thing’s first, I sanded all the wood for smooth edges! Next, I laid out my stencil mask letters exactly how I wanted them to be on my slat sign. Take into thought where you want to place your chocolate rabbit and your chalkboard overlay. Once I had my letters on my wood spaced perfectly along with my overlays I outlined both the bunny and the chalk board overlay so I would know where they went after I painted, I also drew around each corner of my words so I knew where to paint the bright colors, and it also helped for when I would need to put back the stencils so I could see where they would belong. I didn’t have enough E’s to do the whole thing at once so I would lay down the E stencils where they needed to go, space the word and move the E where it was needed next to space that properly.

blog 2

Then, onto painting. I wanted the word “EASTER” to be very bright and to catch your eye, so I made it multicolor, it was easy because I sketched a box with pencil around each letter. Painting all my colors one at a time, make sure you get your color in the groove where each slat meets.

blog 3

Ta-Da! All my colors are painted and while I wait for the paint to dry on the sign I painted and then stained my chocolate bunny.

blog 5

Sure, I could have just stained it but I wanted to paint it spice brown first so that when I did stain it, it would make it look smooth and shiny just like an actual chocolate bunny! My colors dried and they’re ready for my letter stencils to go back on.

blog 4

I started at the very top and painted one slat at a time light ivory. This helps the letter stencils to stay wet with paint therefore easier to clean with a baby wipe once taken off. I painted in the large slat openings with my sponge brush but didn’t want to get too close in the grooves to the letters so that paint would go underneath them, I saved that work for my small bristled brush (because I’m a perfectionist). Once you get your whole sign painted light ivory take your stencil masks off, it helps if you use a needle to get underneath them to pull them up without ripping them.

blog 6

So cute, but not finished! Make sure you paint the edges of your slat sign so they’re not left bare! Take your small bristled paint brush and fill in the slat grooves with light ivory where you couldn’t get close with your sponge brush. After meticulously painting in the grooves I sanded randomly around the edges and a little over the words for a distressed looked, then I glued on my dried “chocolate” bunny and chalk board overlay in the spaces I outlined for them! Allow to dry and fill in the date with chalk!

So cute, way to give your kids a fun countdown for their favorite part of Easter!

Easter egg hunt countdown, how cute would this be for your littles to look forward to this year?

Vintage Flooring Happy Home Sign

Hello! My name is Lindsay and I write the blog My Creative Days. I am so excited to be sharing my very first project as part of the Hazel & Ruby Makery Team!

Since this is my first time here, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. I have been married to my wonderful husband for fifteen years. He is the most supportive person I know and loves DIYing as much as I do. My most important job is being “mom” to two of the sweetest people I know (Landen- 11 and Gabrielle – 9). I love to be creative in my day, my home and with my kids. I am obsessed with old wood, rusty treasures and everything in between. Finding frugal and creative ways to decorate our home, create a fabulous craft or do an activity with the kids is a passion of mine. I am looking forward to this new adventure with Hazel & Ruby and sharing some fun projects with you all.

This Happy Home sign made from 100-year-old wood flooring started with a trip to a Restore Restyle Store. We have one of these stores in the city where we live, but the store that is 45 minutes from our home is so much better. They have so many great architectural pieces from old homes and buildings. I am not able to get there a lot, but when I do, I take advantage of browsing through everything they have.

This time around, I picked through their bargain bin and came home with a lot of random things. For this sign, I used some hardwood flooring (from a 100-year-old house) and some triangles cut from other wood found in the same house.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

All the hardwood flooring was cut the same size. This made it so easy to make the sign because all we had to do was add some scrap wood to the back to hold it all together.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

Once they were all together, I sanded the flooring to remove the finish and expose the raw wood.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

I chose the Broadside Alpha and Patessiere Alpha Stencil Masks to make the words on this sign.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

These Stencil-Masks are AMAZING! They have officially made my “sign-making” tasks so much easier.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

The process could not be easier. I put the letters where I wanted them and made sure to press down around the edges so the paint didn’t seep underneath the stencils. Then, I painted the sign.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

Moment of truth………

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

Viola! It worked! And, it looks amazing! My favorite part….. the stencils are reusable! I just put them back on their plastic sheet and wiped them off with a baby wipe. Ready to use for my next project.

I used the wood triangles I picked up for an arrow on the sign.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

This sign is full of character and charm. It holds tons of history from 100 years ago (just think of what those hardwood floors have seen). Now, it speaks to the present and future being hung in our home. It is the best of both worlds.

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

Happy Home Sign Made From 100 Year Old Wood Flooring mycreativedays.com

The entire process of making this sign (from shopping to hanging it) was pure joy for me.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Hazel & Ruby project! You can follow along with all my creative adventures on my blog My Creative Days!


Elegant DIY Key Cupboard

Hello, Glenda Viljoen here today to show you a simple project using the versatile DIY Décor Tape, Tissue paper, Stencil-Mask and the awesome Chalk Art Tool Kit. If your household is anything like mine, keys are kept in different places and often spend time looking for them! So this key holder cupboard is perfect to store everyone’s keys and the same time remind my family that they hold the key to my heart.




























STEP 1: Paint the inside of the wooden box with white acrylic paint and set aside to dry. Paint the inset panel with black chalkboard paint and set aside to dry. Paint the edges of the door with Ranger Black Tie Paint Dabber. Allow the paint to dry completely.



















STEP 2: Measure the height of the box. Place a piece of 8” Damask DIY Décor Tape onto a craft mat. Measure the required length for the sides of the box and cut with a craft knife. As the DIY Décor Tape is easy to use and does not easily lose its ability to adhere after it has been placed on a craft mat, you can place the respective pieces onto the sides of the box. Using the same method, measure, cut, place and adhere the Damask DIY Décor Tape to the inside panels of the box. Cover the wooden strips with cup hooks (only add the hooks after covering the wood with the tape) using the same method. Add decorative keys and metal keyholes to the wooden strip.

















STEP 3: Once the black chalkboard paint is dry on the inset panel, paint the reverse side with Ranger Pearl Metallic Paint Dabber. While the paint is wet, spritz with Ranger Biscotti and Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearl Mists. Allow the spray to run slightly and set aside to dry. Once dry, adhere the black vinyl quote and gold Shine and Sparkle sequins.

STEP 4: Cover the front of the door with Pass the Tissue, Quote Collage tissue paper. Optional: cover the front with a second piece of the same tissue paper to create a subtle shadow effect. Paint the exposed bevel edges with Ranger Gold Metallic Paint Dabber. Cover the inside of the door with Pass the Tissue, Mod Gray/White Polka Dot tissue paper. Decorate the front with flowers and a shabby chic resin. Adhere a door knob with strong adhesive and attach two metal keys and inked seam binding ribbon to the door knob. Add a metal number painted with Ranger Gold Metallic Paint Dabber.































STEP 5: On the black chalkboard, use the on-trend first-of-its-kind Chalk Art Tool Kit. ‘Season’ the chalkboard by taking a piece of chalk and rubbing it vertically and horizontally across the entire board. Gently clean the board with the felt cloth. If would like your board to look cleaner and more black, spray of the cleaner onto a paper towel and wipe the board.




















STEP 6: Place the Brooklyn Alpha Stencil-Mask ‘NOTES’ letters onto the chalkboard. Using the chalk pencil from Chalk Art tool kit, trace around the letters. Remove the stencil-mask letters and fill in the letters with the chalk marker.






























Your key holder cupboard is now ready to use. Remember to add a special note for your family on the chalkboard using the chalk provided in the Chalk Art Tool Kit.