Cut Your Own Stencil Week, Day Three >>> Cricut Explore and Getting Squirrely!

Create this adorable little squirrel using your Hazel and Ruby DIY Stencil Masks and your Cricut Explore - see all the goodness on

I have a Cricut Explore and there are few things I love more than my electronic cutter, they are mainly people, but when Hazel and Ruby came out with their Cut Your Own Stencil-Mask Sheets, it was simply a match made in heaven. When you’re working with the Stencil Masks, it works just like a piece of paper. You load it onto your mat and select the light cardstock setting on your smart dial and cut.

Create this adorable little squirrel using your Hazel and Ruby DIY Stencil Masks and your Cricut Explore - see all the goodness on

I chose this cute geometric squirrel that Vintage Revivals has designed and it was spot on. I didn’t need to do anything differently that I would do normally which is really nice. Now, when I cut mine I had used the cardstock setting, not the light and it cut through all the way to the plastic. You can choose to do this and have basically a 2-for-1 stencil, whatever is your gravy.

Create this adorable little squirrel using your Hazel and Ruby DIY Stencil Masks and your Cricut Explore - see all the goodness on

I got some inspiration from the Makery Members and just adhered it directly to my wall because I figured I have enough framed pieces in my house and it’s just fun having this odd little squirrel just sitting there.

Create this adorable little squirrel using your Hazel and Ruby DIY Stencil Masks and your Cricut Explore - see all the goodness on

I highly recommend getting an electronic cutter of any kind. There will be a fight to the death if it’s between Cricut and Silhouette but it really just comes to personal preference. I’ve used both and I prefer the Cricut Explore because the blade moves around with the cuts and I’ve had less tearing in my papers.

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XOXO, Lindsay


Cut Your Own Stencil Week, Day Two >>> Silhouette Cameo, Wall Words and Alcohol Ink Art

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Tina here today with more tips and how-to’s on how to create using the Cut Your Own Stencil mask material.

This product is revolutionary and the creative possibilities are endless.  It really lets you create just about anything, and the best part, it is super simple to use.

I will be sharing my tips on how to cut the stencil-mask material, using my Silhouette Cameo.  It didn’t take much experimentation, and pretty much worked from the beginning.

For my first project, I thought it would be fun to create a bit of wall word decor.  I hadn’t cut vinyl with my Cameo before, so I thought I would create my own ‘vinyl’ wall word decor, using the stencil-mask sheet.

To begin, I cut the entire sheet down, into a size large enough for my project. (for my cut, I left the plastic backing on)

Because this was going to be displayed on my wall, I wanted it to coordinate with my decor, so I spray-painted it black.  Just a couple of thin layers.

My cutting mat wasn’t super sticky, so I wanted to ensure that the stencil-mask sheet didn’t slip, so I taped the edges with some Artist Tape.

I typed my words in the Silhouette software, and set my machine to cut with the below settings:

Blade Depth: 4
Blade Speed: 3
Thickness: 20
Double Cut

The wonderful thing about cutting your own stencil-masks, is that you now have both a positive and negative cut.  Double the use from 1 design.


I peeled the plastic backing off of each letter, and stuck them to the wall.

(Disclaimer:  I noticed that after a couple of days, the edges of the letters were curling up.  While I wouldn’t recommend this for long term display, it is perfect for a seasonal or celebration)

This is such a great way to personalize your wall words.  You can use the size, the font, and the overall design that you want.  No need to buy a pre-made, store designed sentiment.

I was having so much fun cutting my own designs, I created another wall decor project, this time, getting my art on!!

Using the same process as above, I cut these Scribble Rose Shapes,  I purchased from the Silhouette Store.

To prepare my background, I cut to size, a sheet of Media Mixage from Spellbinders. (it’s light weight and can be cut with ordinary scissors)

I applied several colors of alcohol inks to the metal, allowing them to mix and blend randomly.

I placed my stencil-masks on the metal and sprayed the sheet with Krylon Brushed Metallic Spray Paint.

Once the spray paint was dry to the touch, I removed my stencil-masks and it was ready for framing.

I also hand punched a metal sentiment for the bottom of my frame.


I really love how my artsy, contemporary Wall Decor frame looks!  How cool would it be to do this on a large mirror or metal piece?  Totally cool!

Thank you for stopping by today and be sure to stop back tomorrow for more Cut Your Own Stencil tips and projects!


Cut Your Own Stencil Week, Day One >>> Cricut How-To & Tips, Wood Canvas

Hello Hazel & Ruby friends!  We have been asked to share more details on how to use our ‘Cut Your Own Stencil’ masks.  This week, the Makery Team will be sharing their tips and how-to’s, using various Die Cut Machines and Techniques.  We hope this will answer many of your questions!  Enjoy!

Hey guys,
This is an awesome week of crafts for Hazel & Ruby! Have you seen the Cut Your Own Stencils Mask? Aaaamazing. For this project you will need;

Hazel & Ruby’s Cut Your Own Stencil Mask Sheet
Hazel & Ruby’s Patessiere Alpha Stencil Mask
A 7″x16″ wood plank, I used pine
Sponge brushes
Light Ivory Acrylic Paint
Minwax Classic Gray Stain
Cricut Explore Machine
Cricut Design Space Account

Cut your own stencil supplies

Begin by placing one of the Cut Your Own Stencil Masks on the Cricut adhesive mat with the transparent backing side down, open the Cricut Design Space and add your image to the canvas, hit Go near the top and proceed by loading the mat in to the Cricut Machine. Before you hit the final Go button to begin the cut, adjust the dial on the machine to the Light Cardstock setting, this allows the blade to cut deep enough in to the stencil but not so deep that it cuts through the transparent backing of the stencil mask. Now you’re ready to cut the stencil mask material.

Cricut depth setting on stencil masks

Take the mat out of the machine, transfer the cut out anatomical heart on to the plank and add “You are here” from the Patessiere Alpha Stencil Mask Collection. Paint two coats of light ivory over the face of the board. After the paint is dry put latex gloves on, apply the stain with a foam brush then wipe off excess with a clean rag. Repeat this until desired stain is achieved, allow stain to dry for at least 12 hours.

place paint and stain

I’ll be adding a d-ring to the back and hanging it on my new gallery wall, it’s one piece that fits in yet is not a photograph.

Anatomical Heart Plank using Cut Your Own Stecnil from Hazel & Ruby