New Year’s DIY Banner

Hello H & R friends, Michelle Hill here again today to show you how to make a New year banner. I was at the point where I had to stop working on holiday and move into New Years and spring. I feel like I have been working on Christmas for months. Let’s get started on a festive banner.

Gather Supplies:

IMG_2281 (Large)

You will need..H & R Wrap It Up Glassine and Gold paper..mask of your choice..glitter paper, I use wrapping paper..heavy card board (I used a box) and a piece of chipboard..mod podge..paint…glitter..ribbon..Dies of your choice, I used a tag die and pulled my star one out..also a electronic die cut machine..If you don’t have one NO worries..

IMG_2288 (Large)

Start by applying the mod podge to your thin chipboard..adhere the glitter paper to it. This gives it stability for your stars and die cutting. Roll wrap is much less expensive than glitter chipboard..

IMG_2289 (Large)

Die cut your stars using a manual die cut machine or trace and hand cut them.

IMG_2291 (Large)

Now take your card board box and paint it your base color I did black for New Years.. I LOVE using boxes for my dies cuts they end up very thick!

IMG_2292 (Large)

Die cut your tags.. You could use any shape..I just like the tags hanging upside down..

IMG_2293 (Large)

Now choose your mask font and adhere to the DRY tags..

IMG_2295 (Large)

Now using a gold paint I then added gold glitter over the wet paint. You could use a Mod Podge but I wanted to rub some of the glitter off for a shabby look and so I wanted some gold underneath.. Peel up your mask as you finish..

IMG_2296 (Large)

Adorable..Right?? so gold!! if you do not want to rub off any glitter you can seal it with hair spray..

IMG_2286 (Large)

While the glitter tags are drying I cut some 3-d diamond shapes on my Silhouette using our Glassine and Gold paper which we all know is my FAVORITE.. I use it for everything..once cut just glue them together adding a string in the center for hanging..

IMG_2299 (Large)

Now arrange onto your ribbon..I decided to staple each tag to the ribbon super fast and easy and NO sewing or punching holes.. I’ve done this on a few banners I have made..Once all stapled in place it’s ready to hang..

IMG_2302 (Large)

Yes my Christmas mantle is up.. lol.. I added the diamonds and stars to the ends and have them hanging down…. (sorry about the brightness I think my poor camera needs a tune up)

IMG_2305 (Large)

That’s it.. SUPER EASY and festive.. I hope you all will make a fun banner and make sure to share it with us!!




Christmas Birch Wood Chalkboard Banner

Hello friends!
Today I’ll be showing this adorable, customizable birch wood chalkboard banner! I have a serious crush on wood cookies and slices right now, I was thinking of a way to incorporate more in to my Christmas decor because they just remind me of a cozy cabin Christmas in the middle of the woods… ok, enough day dreaming! For this project I used
nine 3″-4″ birch wood slices (from Michael’s Craft Store)
chalkboard paint
a foam brush
red jute
Hazel & Ruby Chalk Art Kit
Hazel & Ruby Boutique Alpha Stencil Masks

banner 1

Unwrap the wood slices from their shrink wrap and lay down together to decide what order you want them to be in- small ones and larger ones not all together in one area. Shake the chalkboard paint (rigorously) and paint small inner circles on each of the wood coasters. Next, use an power drill with a 1/8 size drill bit and drilled two holes in to the top of the slice about 1″ apart.

banner 2

Before I strung the slices together with jute I “seasoned” the chalk surface. Seasoning is when you rub chalk horizontally, vertically, and in all circles every which way across the chalk painted surface then wipe off with felt rag included or with a paper towel. This helps in the future when writing on the chalk surface to ensure your letter or message won’t become a permanent element in the paint forever.

banner 3

Next I used the Boutique Alpha and traced the letter on to the slice with the chalk pencil, I spelled out ‘Christmas’ but I realized you can do so many words with 9 slices as long as you center it; Jolly, Merry, Holiday, Believe, etc.

banner 4

Remove the stencil mask and fill in the letter with chalk, chalk marker or chalk pencil. String with the jute and tie on to your mantle, it’s easy to space the slices wherever you want them. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

banner 5

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Wall Decor

The countdown to Christmas is on!
Hopefully, you are able to still get some holiday crafting done!  This project can be easily completed between sips of hot cocoa.
 We love Hazel & Ruby’s Holiday Shapes, Words & Quotes stencil masks.
After you stick the lettering down give it a quick glittery spray.
Happy Holidays to my crafty friends!